SAT CIO Forum 2015 Concluded Successfully

The SAT annual CIO forum was successfully concluded in Centara Ceysands recently. The forum and interactive outing was held under the theme “Preparing you for an IT-quake”, explored a plethora of issues related to IT and security and was an opportunity for a niche group of end users to interact with the principal companies.

The forum saw a successful turnout and full participation and enabled participants to acquire first-hand business knowledge on securing and managing their company’s information and provided an opportunity for discussion and debate. The SAT annual CIO forum was a partnership between IDC and South Asian Technologies Pvt Ltd (SAT) and was a networking platform for C Level decision makers of large corporate enterprises, customers, product partners and principal companies and also an enjoyable, interactive outing for their families.

The annual forum, which has been held for the past 5 years, seeks to build long lasting relationships with customers and partners and was a two way dialogue and interactive session to address the vital challenges of Chief Information Officers in a fast paced and fluctuating business environment. The forum debated current needs and concerns of clients and organizations and explored a host of themes relevant to corporates in Sri Lanka.

Themes discussed included the need for businesses today to leverage technology to evolve as well as the importance of de-risking the shifting security landscape. IDC partnered with SAT to deliver a keynote address to delegates and also moderated a panel of key security players in the market. Security was a dominant theme which pervaded the forum and speakers delved into how business leaders measure their organization’s security risk, mitigation and derive a tool for creating business value.

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