SAT partners with A-Networks to distribute data protection solution to BSFI sector

Despite the recent surge in global interest towards data security, organisations are consistently failing to proactively determine what information requires protection, how it is used and where or not the associated risks of a privacy breach are known. In this current climate, South Asian Technologies Pvt Ltd partnered with A-Networks Pvt Ltd in order to steer the conversation towards distributing and implementing a data protection framework through a panel discussion held recently in Colombo.

Both organisations aim to provide the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors (BSFI) with greater control, privacy and transparency over their personal data by creating a mutually beneficial exchange between companies and their customers providing infinite revenue-generating opportunities for businesses on the long run.

Moderated by Dilan Walgaspaya, a renowned independent Cyber Security Consultant, the discussion was attended by managerial level IT security personnel from across various organisations. Also taking part were Amitha Munesinghe Head of Information Systems Audit at Commercial Bank, Harsha Wanigatunga Chief Information Officer at Seylan Bank and Suresh Emmanuel Assistant Vice President Information Security at Nations Trust Bank.

The discussion saw an in-depth analysis of the importance of a Data Protection Framework with IT decision makers across industries and the stance the Central Bank of Sri Lanka would take in implementing these solutions.

Commenting on the discussion, CEO of South Asian Technologies, Sanjaya Padmaperuma said, “We believe it is imperative we have these conversations in order to direct the regulatory framework of cyber security in Sri Lanka towards where it needs to be in order to not be left behind in the global economy. Our partnership with A-Networks is a dynamic operation that will see the implementation and distribution of data protection solutions for BFSI organizations taking necessary precaution to uphold the Central Bank policies on data protection for financial institutions. We are humbled to be the forefront of this operation and are committed to provide solutions that protect all stakeholders”.

“We are very pleased to be working together with SAT on this venture. We are dedicated and have been working tirelessly to this end in order to provide our clientele with the technological solutions they require in order to overcome their limitations in achieving their end goals. Facilitating revolutionary solutions to our client base brings about high level of security, flexibility and continuous revenue growth, enabling an ecosystem of creators around them. We believe this is what is needed to foster for growth and expansion of the entire market’’, said CEO of A-Networks Bishrul Ahmed

South Asian Technologies PVT Ltd is a company operating in Sri Lanka that focusses on the distribution of ICT products since its inception in 2009. In addition to its operations in Sri Lanka, SAT has also established itself in Bangladesh, and Maldives and works with a partner network of over 150 companies. Its partnership with A-Networks PVT LTD will change the way IT solutions are distributed and expand its reach across different industries, especially across the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry. A-Networks PVT LTD is a company that saw exponential growth in the IT infrastructure and security business since its humble beginnings in 2012. Facilitating organizations with IT solutions and services, A-Networks has gained recognition by implementing 400+ IT solutions along with over 40 partners.

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